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BOGG™ with SumaGrow inside, in layman’s terms, is “Concentrated Mother Nature” -- a blend of carefully selected microorganisms and liquid humates that exist in fertile soil. This product enhances the soil’s ability to naturally remediate existing soil contaminants, improve its water retention capacity, and improve its chelating abilities which in turn prevent the leeching and run off chemicals and pesticides, and improve the soil’s organic mass for sustainable production of plant life. Here are some of the benefits and disease control you’ll see when using BOGG™:

  • It is the solution to manage, control and clear diseases like Roya in coffee farms, HLB Citrus Groves, and Sigatoka in banana/plantain among others. BOGG™ works to make plants healthier and more resistant to pests and diseases, and is not a biopesticide.

  • Ability to increase crop yields by 20% or more while decreasing fertilizer usage by at least 50%.

  • BOGG™ is organic, sustainable, and environmentally friendly (100% Natural) and has worked on all crops with which it has been used, in a variety of growing conditions such as high and low pH, wet and dry soil, in relatively cold, temperate, and hot climates.

  • This product does not contain any genetically modified organisms (GMO), growth hormones, or chemicals of any kind.

  • Crops treated with our products require less water and pesticides, while at the same time demonstrating higher nutrient content, faster and earlier germination rates, earlier maturation, and better ability to withstand stresses such as disease, transplant, wind and drought.

  • The microorganisms work in aerobic and anaerobic conditions; and in acidic and alkaline conditions; multiple strains’ of microbes work on multiple crops in multiple environments.

  • One part of the discussion about yield increase which sometimes gets lost is the increase in quality of the yield – more nutrients. While farmers may only be interested in more corn, for example, per acre, consumers will be delighted to know the corn will be higher in nutrients than corn grown using traditional methods.

* Unbalanced soil may require additional treatments.



Super MAXX offers a standard macro and micro nutrient formulas specially formulated to increase the available nutrition at the root zone using the finest ingredients. These formulas can be customized to meet any specifications at a significant savings to traditional chemical based products. Super MAXX is organic based and environmentally safe, designed to unite the mineral nutrition of the root systems of plants, the release mechanism is the exudate of the acid in the root by making this a true product of controlled release of plants. The link allows for optimum performance for mineral nutrition; reducing the volatility chemistry and the stress of the plant with the addition of phenolic compounds.

Super Maxx provides a complete natural solution to help the nutrients from the plants to penetrate rapidly the tissues of the crops. It provides a nutritional action, as well as, a collaborating effect allowing the plant to maximize the availability of nutrients, along with the best nutritional balance, growth, and the subsequent increase of the performance.

It is recommended that to be used in the following crops: tomatoes, peppers, cucumber, beans, pumpkins, lettuce, eggplant, onions, herbs, sweet corn, sesame, wheat, peanuts, fruits, sugar cane, coffee, banana/banana, citrus, potatoes, berries, melon, flowers, roses, lilies, tulips, bulbs, orchids, daisies, trees, shrubs, herbs and tobacco, among other types of crops.



Bio- Pesticide approved for organic production and ideal for conventional use!

  • 100 % Bio-Degradable
  • 100 % Carcinogenic Free
  • 100 % Non- Toxic
  • EPA Excluded
  • Plant Oil Based
  • Contains No Chemicals
  • USDA Bio-Preferred Product
  • Removes Chemical Residues
  • Cleans Emitters, Nozzles and Containers

It is the ideal answer against invasions of:

  1. Aphids
  2. Mites
  3. Cocoa Trees’capsids or braconoides (Monalonion Braconoides)
  4. Spittlebug (Clastoptera globosa)
  5. Hypothenemus hampei (Broca Beetles) and Dactylopius coccus Insects
  6. bugs Stem (Cerambycidae)
  7. Borer (Cerambycidae) or defoliating worms
  8. Atta Cephalotes (Hymenoptera – Formicidae) and Ants
  9. Trips
  10. Fruit Borers of the Marmara group
  11. Leaf beetles
  12. Bark beetle (Scolytinae)
  13. June beetle (Phyllophaga sp.)

In addition Insecta PRO controls:

  • Flying and crawling insects, beetles, ants, Zompopas, aphids, mites, their larvae and eggs.
  • Removes the scale insects and is a broad protection from harmful pests.
  • There is no risk to humans or the environment.
  • Easy to use.

What else is Insecta Pro?

  • Plants and Crops Cleaner.
  • It is used as fertilizer/compost booster (breaks the tension of the soil surface as soon as drips from the leaves and trunk or when spraying/sprayed directly to the ground for the control of insects, allowing an increase in the absorption of water from irrigation with reduction of runoff).
  • Works at the cellular level of the roots, increasing their ability to absorb moisture and nutrients more efficiently in your environment.
  • It will also immediately begin to dissolve any mold, chemical residues and scale due to the properties of the bio-degradable surfactant. As these buildups are dissolved, the plants and trees will have increased photosynthesis in the leaves which dramatically increases chlorophyll production in the plant. As these residues are cleaned from the trunk and branches, they too will be able to absorb increased nutrients and nitrogen.
  • Works at the cellular level of roots, increasing their ability to more efficiently absorb moisture and nutrients from the surrounding soil. Increased Nitrogen fixation, absorption of available carbon, humus, compost trace minerals, etc.
  • Offers added freeze protection (down to 27 degrees) and help increase overall profits.
  • Insecta Pro Insecta Pro is comprised of exceptionally tiny particles called ‘colloidal micelles’. Each micelle carries a negative electro-magnetic charge that is capable of attracting, holding and exchanging positively charged particles (cations) of magnesium, calcium, carbon, trace minerals and other nutrients in a manner that allows roots to more easily absorb them.”
  • Over time, it will actually decrease the amount of fertilizer that is needed, translating to less dependence on harmful chemicals.

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