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Who we are:

We are a company that shares a common vision with growers around the world in the pursuit of Sustainable Intensification for their farms.

The decades of misuse and manipulation of chemical based fertilization in our farm lands globally, but especially in Central and South America, have started to show focal complications not only to our soil and quality of crop production but also to our workers, environment and natural resources. We are committed to our global customers to provide them with groundbreaking products that meet “green sustainability”, offer a higher yield production and reduce the cost of fertilizing their crops as well as improving their soil conditions. All these by maintaining our Alma Mater: Environment – Society – Economy.

  • Environment: promote, protect, and enhance the environment and natural resources for upcoming generations to value and enjoy.

  • Society: making a better future for all by improving our agricultural lands and cultivating a greener tomorrow for our children.

  • Economy: improving local farming economies one region at a time by helping growers improve their crop quality with our products in order for them to be more competitive in all markets, and supporting and developing“green” intensification collaboration.


Ronaix International’s mission is to help preserve the world’s agricultural and farming land one region at a time by distributing and providing innovative and viable “green” products to maintain and improve our soil, rid plants of common diseases without hurting our environment and natural resources, and crafting better quality of life for generations to come while saving you time, money and increasing your profits.


Be the front-runner in new agri-business technologies with emphasis in scalable and practical sustainable answers to promote, protect and enhance the food and agricultural systems by bringing tailored solutions, access to information, knowledge and skills to enrich efficiently and optimally your fields.

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